Friday, August 13, 2010

Life is a Journey....

Well... the weekend of the race is here. I've done all the training I can do. Now it's time to wait and prepare mentally.

I first considered participating in the Danskin Triathlon back in the Fall of 2009 as a way of doing something BIG for my 50th year.  I felt I needed to get my act together physically and I have the looming family history of cardiovascular disease that means I really need to make an effort to exercise daily. The number 50 is significant in that my dad had his first quadruple bypass at 50, his second bypass at 55 and his father died from a heart attack when he was in his 50’s. So, you can see why it was time for me to take on something bigger than I could imagine doing on a daily basis.  By the way, my Dad is 77 now and still enjoying life and frequently going on trips in his trailer. Thank you modern medicine.

I'm continually in awe of the support from my friends and family in so many ways in preparing to do this. So here's a small shout-out to all ya'll that only in a small way can express how much your support means to me.

First and foremost to Dr. Jim Bowers who thought “I could” and then backed that up with amazing training and support in getting me to the strength and fitness level I needed to feel I could do this race. His positive attitude and encouragement have gotten me to this day. The race was his idea and I have to add that this was not the first time he encouraged me to participate in a triathlon. I think there must be a “Code of the Ironman” to encourage ALL others to participate in triathlons. This would be like the Eagle Scout code where you swear to continue to “do good deeds” for the rest of your life. YOU are an Ironman!

And to his patient wife Mary, who showed up supporting us while swimming, biking and running and has also been so encouraging along the way. 

And to Noelle, who is also doing the race and has had her own amazing journey in getting prepared both physically and mentally to take this on. She provided me with the calendar in June that I’ve filled out and include with this post. Thanks for the Thursday morning swims and the lake swims! And to her husband Patrick for wearing that bright orange sweatshirt that we could spot and track to get back to the beach.

And to Julie… who has met me at Green Lake for the past two months almost every Mon, Wed, & Fri at 5:30 am to circle the lake. We started so slow with mostly walking and have built that up to run most of the way with only 1 short walking stretch. We are still slow (my pace), but have vowed to continue our training and soon we will run the full way and also increase our speed. YOU are the Rock Star that we claim ourselves to be.

And to Olivier… my friend who has been so encouraging along the way in so many ways for years and also an amazing massage therapist. I vow to ride my bike more…

And to Alden… you are always so encouraging and my great un-official therapist. I am still smiling at the way you said you would be at the race with, “sister, well of course I’m going to be there!”

And I am amazed by the enthusiasm of my colleagues! I first started telling them I was thinking of doing a Triathlon and they jumped right in with encouragement. Darcy and Stephanie with encouragement from their experiences doing Tri’s. I’m actually kind of speechless that Darcy and Stephanie will be there the day of the race.

And Stacie… you are so encouraging and I wish you could have been my “pit crew”.  My search for the perfect bike will continue and I appreciate the way you and Dave really put so much effort into finding one of your bikes that could possibly work. We’ll celebrate later!

Susan and Lora as the accounting team, I loved that you asked, “how’s the training?” since it gave me the opportunity to share! The whole team put up with me telling them every Monday morning at staff meeting that I swam in the lake!

Alisa, Taylor and Parrish (and Case)… you are so awesome and so supportive. Not once did you ever say, “Mom, what are you thinking?” I appreciate your continued support as I go through my “mid-life crisis” I suppose it could be worse than training a lot and swimming in Lake Washington on Sunday mornings!
Taylor… thanks for timing my short swim in Bowman Lake and getting up to go for a bike ride in Whitefish when you would have rather slept in while we were on vacation. I loved every minute of our trip. Parrish… thanks for the flowers and the beautiful card and for being the sweet you. Alisa… thanks for being there ALWAYS. You have been with me my whole adult life!

And to all the others who encouraged or gave me tips along the way…
Joseph – it was fun to have your face pop up next to me in Lk Washington and bringing Victoria along who shared great breathing tips also. Best wishes on your Lake Stevens ½ Ironman! We’ll celebrate soon!
Rick – for that impromptu, unorthodox swim in Lk Washington on a non-training day and your encouragement along the way. And not getting tired of me telling you each time about what training I did that day.

As I write this I am moved to tears by all of your support and encouragement. I am blessed to have so many wonderful, supportive friends. It will be your friendships that will carry me through as “WE” complete the race on Sunday.

This has been quite a journey for me and now the destination is just around the corner. One of my favorite quotes is, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” I must now vow to take the time to actually enjoy the destination for a bit on Saturday and Sunday as I participate.

Then… on to the next journey….

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  1. You really do ROCK! It has helped me immensely to have you training along side me. I couldn't have stuck with this for so long without your constant support.